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Your home's ductwork is often one of the most disregarded necessities, buried in the dank basement, only to be noticed on those rare trips down the cellar steps. However, without those ducts your forced hot air furnace would be completely useless and if your ductwork is sized wrong, dilapidated or missing in some spots, your heating and air conditioning bills could be unusually high. 

Don't let improper ductwork steal your energy savings! 


Here at Heating & Cooling Solutions we specialize in fabricating residential HVAC custom ductwork to fit your home's existing or new forced air heating/cooling system. Our shop is equipped to fabricate custom duct transitions, elbows, offsets and more, quickly and accurately.


Standard and Custom Duct Sizes Available, Made to Order

  • Supply Air Plenums
  • Return Air Plenums
  • Cold AIr Boots (a.k.a. Buffalo Boot) 
  • Custom Transitions
  • Trunk Duct
  • Trunk Duct Reducers
  • Vertical (Short-way) and Flat (Long-way) 90 degree elbows
  • Vertical (Short-way) and Flat (Long-way) 45 degree elbows
  • Custom Offsets and Risers
  • Custom Support Boxes
  • Filter Racks
  • Square to Round Fittings
  • Exposed spiral ductwork


Heating & Cooling Solutions
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Service Area
  • Kenosha
  • Racine
  • Milwaukee
  • Walworth


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Premier Lennox Dealer

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