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We offer free REMOTE or in-home and commercial estimates with no obligation to you.

Are you looking for an estimate to replace or install new equipment? To ensure our customers get the best possible solutions for their needs, we take the “table approach” to the next level. With a variety of products and brands you can trust at your fingertips, we will work with you to find a personalized solution. In addition, rebates and incentives let us help you experience ultimate comfort on any budget.

With our FREE REMOTE-ESTIMATE Option, we can provide you a cost for new or replacement HVAC equipment without stepping foot through your door. Use the button below to Submit your contact information and a few pictures to get started! A qualified HCS Estimator will reach out to you to further discuss and provide you a proposal.

We offer free in-home and commercial estimates with no obligation to you. For further peace of mind, we offer second opinions for repair work at no cost. With our knowledge of the industry, quality products, flexible financing options and a passion for all things HVAC, let us provide you with the best solution for your indoor comfort needs.

As a reminder, our free, no-obligation estimates are available for all of the HVAC products we offer. Contact us today to learn more or schedule your estimate.

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Here are a few reasons you should likely consider getting an estimate for an HVAC system or product:

  • When was the last time it was serviced or maintained? Do you know? Who did it? Were there any previous problems that were not fixed properly? Regular maintenance is important to not only detect potential problems, but to also ensure that your unit is running and performing as it was designed to do so!
  • Does it seem like it’s a little or extra noisy? Sounds may come in the form of popping, banging, humming, grinding or screeching. Take a moment to listen to your unit, how does it sound?
  • Is it running more often than you think it should be? Common issues that can cause your unit to cycle often are overheating, thermostat issues and improperly sized units. Regardless of why it is cycling often, it’s costing you more money and damaging your unit.
  • How does your unit LOOK? Is it rusting? Do you see any corrosion? Broken covers or panels? Do you see water spots? These, and many other items you may come across in a visual inspection could all be red flags, and a great reason to get an estimate.
  • Is your equipment more than 15 years old? It may be working, but it’s likely not operating at maximum efficiency and your utility bills are probably at an all time high as a result. Who wouldn’t like to lower their utility costs?

REGARDLESS OF YOUR WHY, we are happy to speak with you to determine the appropriate equipment that will help you meet your comfort goals! We will go over our brand options, their differences from one another, the efficiency levels, warranty information, costs, available rebates, and anything else of importance. Being an informed consumer ensures that you are making a purchase that you are confident in, and keeps you comfortable!