Furnace Troubleshooting

September 17th, 2017

Whether your unit stops running, you have poor air flow on the hottest of days, or you find yourself shivering in the dead of winter—something could be wrong with your furnace. We offer 24/7 emergency service and are happy to make sure your equipment is diagnosed safely, but here are four troubleshooting steps to may try before giving us a call:

  • Is the power switch in the ON position? (It usually looks like a light switch)
  • Has the breaker tripped or has the fuse blown?
  • Is the air filter dirty?
  • If you have a high efficient furnace, check its drain line for obstructions.

These steps can help you avoid an unnecessary service call, but they also give us a better idea of your unit’s symptoms. By providing us with this knowledge, we can come to you more prepared to offer a personalized solution. Should you consider replacing your unit, we offer free, no-obligation estimates by appointment or at the time of service.